Who can qualify for free boiler grants

The government has introduced the government boiler grants scheme under the energy company obligation plan. If you are a home owner or a private tenant, you may replace your old boilder with new more efficient and effective boiler. In this article I shall provide you details about new boiler grants and its eligibility criteria. You may know here whether you meet the criteria or not.

What is this scheme?

It is a form of a subsidy that the homeowners and families may receive. If they are in adverse living conditions they may replace their older heating system with brand new boiler at a little cost or no cost.  If you fall in the category of unprvilidged class of people you may acces the heating and hot water according to your requirements. The scheme also aids the government steps to increase energy efficiency.

If the new boiler is installed into homes,it  is according to government initiative t reduce carbon foot prints as the A rated boilers are more energy efficient. You ma save upto 200 pounds annually with new boiler grants. It is only possible with a modern boiler.

The big six energy companies are subsidizing the boiler granrts. These companies include British Gas, EDF Energy, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE. These grants are non repayable so you need not worry about repayment of the funds you got for a new boiler.

Who is entitled new boiler?

The government has set a criteria for government boilwr grant scheme. Only if you meet this christia then you get a free boiler. Here are some of the requirements for boiler grants.

  • You must own a property.
  • You property location should  be connected to main gas supply.
  • You must have at least five years old boiler.
  • If you are in receipt of pension credit or child tax credits you may be qualified to apply for grant.
  • The boiler scheme is not applied for council owned privately rented homes and properties.

Applying for boiler grant

If you find that you are eligible for the grant you can apply for government boiler scheme. You may contact an energy service provider and get help from professional services. There are different companies and services offering help for this purpose. 

Before applying for grant you should determine that you are eligible.