Over 4,000 Solar Panels to be Installed in £1m Project at Port of Goole


Contrary to popular belief, solar power technology is not a recent discovery. Back in the 1800s during the Industrial Revolution, solar energy facilities were established. These facilities used the heat from the sun to create steam to power machinery. In 1839 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel explained how electricity is converted from sunlight, this led to the discovery of the solar cell over a hundred years later.

Solar panels work when photons come into contact with metals which causes the surface material to emit electrons, the phenomenon is termed as the photoelectric effect. With this technology, we are able to generate electricity without any waste, pollution or dependence on the earth’s natural resources.

Solar energy per se has become quite the trend while being widely criticized for cost-effectiveness it has proved to be beneficial that over 4,000 solar panels to be installed in £1m project at Port of Goole by the end of the year. The company: Custom Solar, won the tender for this project.

Let us take a look at the advantages of this project. One of the major benefits of using solar panels is that solar energy is a renewable energy source, simply meaning we will never run out of solar energy. Solar panels are also very low maintenance. Most companies offer service and maintenance for their products along with the purchase price. Technology in the solar energy industry is rapidly improving. With the advancements in quantum physics and nanotechnology, the potential in this field is endless. With over 4,000 solar panels to be installed in £1m project at Port of Goole, the citizens of the UK will definitely reap the benefits solar energy has to offer.

With the benefits also comes the challenges in using solar panels and solar battery. One big concern is the initial cost, a small house would need to set a big budget just to cover the expenses of installation, materials and labour. The UK government has introduced various payment schemes in order to encourage the transition in using renewable energy but upfront costs are still quite high. Solar energy storage is expensive too, various industries foresee a growing demand for solar battery storage and assume that it will cost billions by 2040. Another issue is space, the more electricity you would want to produce, the more panels you would need. Careful and strategic planning is needed before investing your money in something this expensive.

The venture of Associated British Ports (ABP) is one for the books. They have invested in over 4,000 solar panels to be installed in £1m project at Port of Goole, which are to be installed on the roof decks of the port. The very vision of this project is to generate enough clean energy to power the port and its neighbouring communities. Also, minimizing the dependence on dwindling natural resources. ABP anticipates reducing carbon dioxide emission by up to 450,000 kilograms each year, which is relatively equivalent to planting 20,000 trees.

The sensationalized program for Over 4,000 solar panels to be installed in £1m project at Port of Goole has already started. The director of Custom Solar, Gary Sucharewycz aims to turn over the site within three months. Providing enough energy to power 154 residential homes per year with 1.1 megawatts of electricity. This particular project has won this year’s Solar Power Portal award under the category of Commercial Rooftop Installation of the Year.